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Our company is engaged in the production of ornamental plants used in landscaping works. In the production facilities located in Yalova Province of Turkey, nearly 40 outdoor ornamental plants that shrub species are produced from the rooting stage of seedlings. All of our products, which are in the quality of European standards, are produced in pots and peat soil mixes and very branched.

Euonymus Emerald’n Gold
(Clt 50)

Euonymus Emerald’n Gold
(Clt 18)

Euonymus Emerald’n Gold 
(Clt 14)

Euonymus Emerald’n Gold
(Clt 1,5)

Euonymus Bravo
(Clt 50)

Euonymus Bravo
(Clt 18)

Euonymus Bravo
(Clt 15)

Euonymus Bravo 
(Clt 9)

Euonymus Fortunei Aurea (Clt 1,5)

Euonymus Fortunei Variegata (Clt 1,5)

Euonymus Fortunei Variegata (Clt 1,5)

Euonymus Fortunei Emerald Gaiety (Clt 1,5)

Photinia Fraseri Red Robin (Clt 18)

Photinia Fraseri Red Robin (Clt 9)

Photinia Fraseri Red Robin (Clt 7)

Photinia Fraseri Red Robin (Clt 2)

Viburnum Lucidum
(Clt 7)

Loropetalum Chinense Fire Dance (Clt 25)

Abelia Prostrata
(Clt 5)

Loropetalum Black Pearl (Clt 2)

Nandina Domestica Fire Power (Clt 2)

Euonymus Japonicus Albovarieagatus (Clt 1,5)

Phormium Tenax Variegata (Clt 7)

Phormium Tenax
(Clt 7)

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